Chyna Parks is a unique talented girl who is part of the ant program. She is currently a musical prodigy. Chyna's first 2 friends were Flectcher and Olive. She stood up to queen bee Lexi Reed in season 1 episode 1. Chyna was part of many plays in the school witch made queen bee Lexi Reed VERY angry. From the day Chyna started Lexi has been trying as much as she can to get Chyna out of "her" school.

~Ant Farm Life~

She started as a musical prodigy her brother Cameron Parks was not very happy that Chyna got accepted into the Ant Farm so he tries to keep distance from Chyna. As she started she met queen bee Lexi Reed Chyna showed her how good she was a playing the guitar and singing. Lexi was immediately jealous so she and Chyna became rivals later on in season 2 the ant farm closed down because principle skidmore did not have enough money to keep the ant farm going therefore the ants got a scholarship from Z Tec asking them to move into his building and be an ant there but they had to audition for a prodigy again therefore Lexi had a chance to get the musical prodigy later on in auditions while lexi was doing her audition Mr.Grundy asked Lexi a math's question witch was very complicated that he could not work out the answer, Lexi got the answer and told Mr.Grundy. Mr.Grundy was amazed so he made Lexi a maths prodigy. Chyna in her auditions was great at her audition but Mr.Grundy said that someone else was the musical prodigy. But in the end he made Chyna a musical prodigy and the old one witch was Mr.Grundys nephew was out of the program. Lexi being embarrassed that she was a maths prodigy did not tell anyone until Chyna asked Mr.Grundy why Lexi was there he replied that Lexi was a Maths prodigy.